Contribution of Former Chairman

International Turkish Hope School (ITHS) was established in Dhaka in 1996. The President of Turkey H.E Mr. Suleyman Demirel officially inaugurated the school in March 1997. ITHS is an English Medium School which offers education from Playgroup to A’ Level standard. 

It started its journey with a few students in a small two storied rented buildings. The man who brought school in such a reputed status is Mr. Bayram Saatci, the former Chairman and Principal who served in Bangladesh with complete dedication and sincerity between 1998 and 2012.

Under his leadership school has expanded its services into three major cities of Bangladesh, namely Dhaka, Chittagong and Bogra and offer education in 8 campuses.

Under his supervision and leadership the school achieved positive change, growth, development and huge improvements. The idea of participating in International Olympiads and representing Bangladesh in International platforms purely belongs to Mr. Saatci and under his guidance ITHS achieved many International Awards in different countries.

Debate team in Malaysia, ICT team in Turkmenistan, Biology Olympiad team in Azerbaijan and Georgia and Turkey represented Bangladesh successfully and were awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals.

Success in internationally recognized exams becomes a tradition in ITHS. School has secured Country and World Highest Marks in International GCSE and GCE A Level exams under Edexcel Exam Board.

Obviously, working as a team towards the set target and his leadership played a significant role in achieving such admiring results. Mr. Saatci has become an embodiment   of dedication with his hard working nature and inspired everyone around him to work relentlessly.

We are grateful for the time and energy Mr. Bayram Saatci has put in publishing subject related text books and also books on exam preparation. Mr.Bayram Saatci’s guidance and encouragement helped his colleagues to continue with the publications and now the number of school publications exceeded forty ranging from Preschool- Senior Level books. Even, the system Mr. Saatci set up for the preschool was applauded by the visiting Prime Minister of Turkey on 14th November 2010 and a detailed file about curriculum and educational system was presented to HE Prime Minister of Republic of Turkey.

Moreover, the Chairman involvedfully in the completion of two state art buildings in newly built campus. Under his supervision, a full-fledged international school emerged in the heart of Dhaka.

Imagine a school that facilitates its students to play either a golf/bowling or tennis at the top floor and then rest in steam rooms before study time starts, and it allows its students to play basketball in indoor sports hall and carry out an A Level Chemistry Experiment in a well-equipped Chemistry Laboratory and communicate with their parents in between breaks by offering students to use e- corridors system.

Such lively atmosphere is felt in everyday school life in ITHS. Various activities simultaneously can be held without any pause or interruption. A small group of students can enjoy in Mini – Cinema hall in their movie club hour, while the others can debate in the debate room. Some practice table tennis under national table tennis coach, and some other play football in artificial turf field.

Senior students carry out experiments in Physics Lab, and some junior students enjoy digital class with Smart Boards, some others do self-study in a very rich library and some others are in the cafeteria…

This is not a dream, it is just a daily routine school life in ITHS and all these achieved and planned by former Chairman Mr. Bayram Saatci.

The faculty of ITHS sincerely thanks the Chairman, Mr. Bayram Saatci, for all of the invaluable services and indelible marks he has left in the heart of ITHS.

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