Mission & Vision


Committed to provide dynamic lifelong educational experience through globally relevant and intensive international academic and non-academic programs, acquiring solid competencies in critical thinking, creative problem solving, value judgment, consensus building, intercultural understanding and respect, decision making digital literacy and 21st century skills.


To be world class international school with these standards;

International Curriculum
Stimulating environment
Academic excellence
Cultural diversity
Professional staff from a wide range of nationalities
Exceptional Staff: Student ratio
Institutional International Accreditation
Superb Teaching, Sporting, Extra-mural facilities
Diverse student population
Organization works with schools, government and international organizations to develop challenging programs.



Developing well-rounded and globally competitive and intellectual individuals.


Core Values:

Cultivate discipline, self-reliance, responsibility and acceptance of other cultures.
Our values and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are integral to creating a school culture and climate to realize our educational goals as follows;

Inquiry Knowledge Principled
Caring Balance Reflective
Critical Thinking Communication Open-mindednesses
Risk-taking Creativity Reflection
Environmentally Sensitive  Compassion Commitment
Determination Honesty Integrity
Perseverance Respect Responsibilty
Self-discipline Teamwork Trust
Persevering Innovation Resourcefulness
Investigation Collaboration  


The institution’s mission, vision and values are appropriate to local and international standards, consistent with its all branches operating authority, and implemented in a manner that complies with the Standards of the Cambridge International Examinations and Council of International Schools and Ministry of Education of Bangladesh as well. The institution’s mission gives direction to its activities and provides a basis for the assessment and enhancement of the institution’s effectiveness.

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