Honorable Member of Parliament and former Home Minister, Mrs. Sahara Khatun visits our school

Honorable Former Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, Mrs. Sahara Khatun, MP has recently visited International Turkish Hope School with her secretary on 16th of April 2016.  The Principal of ITHS, Mr. Bedrettin Suata, took her on a campus tour where she met and interacted with the teachers, students and administration. She was very enthusiastic and the children had a wonderful time with her.

She visited the facilities, classrooms, library, playgrounds, labs and hostels with an interactive experience. She had a quality time with the scholarship category students and has been given a brief regarding the daily routine of the hostel life. She has shown a special care to the scholarship category students and commented on the quality of the education they receive at the ITHS. Preceding the tour, she has conversed the principles of the ITHS model with the faculty, and also discussed the school’s commitment to excellence and its success under the leadership of the administration. She elaborated upon the qualities of leadership and how we can make a difference on a local, national and global level.

Following the discussion she signed the visitors’ book, expressing her admiration for the enriching experience during her visit. She praised the school, and the staff for their commitment to providing a supportive and enriching environment for the children. She also expressed how she was greatly impressed by the students themselves, their excellent academic achievements and their satisfaction and endearment for their school.

ITHS was extremely delighted to have Hon’l Former  Minister, Ministry of Home Affairs, Mrs. Sahara Khatun, MP as a guest in our beloved institution, hope to achieve the set targets with her valuable guidance.

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