Excellent Exam Results

International Turkish Hope School is pleased to announce a very prominent International GCSE and A Level results for May- June Examination Session of 2014. We are delighted to witness such excellent exam results in this year as well. There were a number of extraordinary International GCSE and A Level results in the last exam session. These include; Out of 59 students, 29 have achieved results of 6A* and above in International GCSE and one has achieved 7A, two have achieved 6A, and two others have achieved 5A in A Level.

There has been a significant improvement in the school’s performance in the recent exam session; the average pass rate and rate of achieving top grades was higher this year in comparison to the past years. We are very content and proud!

Educating a child is a challenging task. However, with the support of dedicated faculty members we have always achieved our desired results. We are grateful and blessed to be surrounded by such faculty members.

The improvements in results, which can be seen across a range of subjects, are testament to the hard work of the students, their teachers and the families who support them. We would like to whole-heartedly thank our students, parents, faculty and management.

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