Bangladeshi Essay Awarded in US

It is our great pleasure to announce that the first Bangladeshi, who competed with over 500 other essays from 40 states in the US and 65 countries, to receive a prestigious award from the Gulen Institute is from International Turkish Hope School. In our school, ever since the sixth grade she has been getting the highest marks in her grade, winning competitions within the school, and now this year Mahejabeen Hossain Nidhi got a fully sponsored trip with her mother to Washington DC to receive the said award for an International essay contest organized by Gulen Institute Youth Platform in collaboration with University of Houston and Rumi Forum. In a competition for all students world-wide from 9th graders, our student was the only 9th to the 11th of that month, where, not only did six congressmen and a congresswoman from different states present awards, but also distinguished personalities such as ambassadors from the embassies of winning students came to congratulate the top essayists, for example Consular Behic Hatipoglu from Embassy of Turkey. On top of that, after returning to Bangladesh, she wrote an article on her experiences of the US trip, which got published on the popular weekly magazine of The Daily Star – Star Campus. Once again, we congratulate our student Mahejabeen as she represented our school and Bangladesh successfully in international arena.

Another student Tasnim Naim Anika is going to represent Bangladesh in World Peace Orchestra that will be held in Lincoln Centre New York on September 10<sup 0px;="" bold;\\\\"="" 11px;="" 0);="" 0,="" rgb(204,="">th2013.We wish all the best to our student in this prestigious program.

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