International Festival Of Language And Cultural Program

Int’l Turkish Hope School has organized International Festival of Language and Cultural Program on 26thApril 2014, Saturday between 12:00 and 14:00 in order to award students who will represent Bangladesh in 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad.

The Olympiads have been being organized since 2003 to award those who are the best at learning Turkish and have inspired great excitement and interest in Turkish language abroad. This year The International Association of Turkish Language Teaching (TÜRKÇEDER) is going to organize the 12th International Turkish Language Olympiad that will be held between May 30 and June 16, 2014 in Turkey. This year about 2000 students from 150 countries are expected to participate in the 12thInternational Turkish Language Olympiad. Bangladesh has been participating in the Olympiads since 2005. ITHS representing Bangladesh has attained 18 Gold, 10 Silver and 13 Bronze Medals in Turkish Language Olympiads in Turkey in last 9 years. Last year Bangladesh has attained 8th position among 140 participating countries.

The 12th  International Turkish Language Olympiads will have the following categories:

Speaking Contest, Writing Contest, Grammar Contest, Song Contest, Poetry Contest, Sound Contest, Reading Contest, General Knowledge Contest, Presentation Contest, Special Talents Contest, Folk Dance Contest.

Students who qualify for the finals in Turkey contribute to the integration of different cultures orally and visually by introducing their countries and cultures with the aid of stands prepared by them.

To come to understand the purpose of the Olympiads it is vital to gaze attention to the phrase “Humanity hand in hand”. In this sense, the Turkish Olympiads are the fruit of an endeavor to raise awareness to the importance of cross-cultural communication and to have multi-lingual generation that understand one another better, no matter what nationality one belongs, to eradicate the conflicts from the society on common grounds.

In addition to the emphasis on language learning, wevigorously endeavor to have our students to be cultural oriented regarding their own, and acquire their own mother tongue and literary language, Bengali at the best native competence level. In the course of this, as ITHS we have been organizing BanglaOlympiads as a tribute to Int’l Mother Language Day last 4 years, This year, it was an interschool competition where 18 schools with more than 250 students participated in Interschool Bangla Olympiad.Our intention is toorganize Bangla Olympiads every year on a larger scale.

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