ITHS Uttara Primary Section Science Fair 2017

The Science fair 2017 of ITHS Uttara Primary Section was held on the 9th of December. The journey to the science fair was exciting, innovative but not mind-numbing. Besides, it was proven to be so when on the morning of the event against all the odds all of our talented students, loving parents, and dedicated teachers were seen working and enjoying every moment of the fair together.

Almost 140 projects were submitted by the students prior to the fair. After careful observation of various projects that were on display, many were seen to deal with the use of green energy such as using solar power to work different electric things. Hydroelectric power to generate electricity, mechanism of a working hydraulic robotic arm , use of bio-energy, lemon battery, automatic vacuum cleaner, oil spill experiment and many more. While these projects focused on demonstrating effective solutions to eradicate environmental issues, others concentrated on validating existing theories such as invisible glass, bridge building – cables or arches, water cycle, aluminum leaf electroscope, hydraulic hand, greenhouse effect, electromagnetism, and more. Some of the projects dealt with raising health awareness - effects of cigarette smoke on our lungs, healthy and unhealthy drinks, harmful effect of beverages on our teeth, digestive system to name a few. There were several other interesting projects like hover craft, vacuum cleaner, and homemade newton’s cradle, tornado in a box, hot air balloon, loop wire game, and many more.

The exhilaration and enthusiasm witnessed in students and teachers where further amplified by the interest shown by the parents and other guests. We hope to continue the effort and organize an even better event in the upcoming academic year.

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