ITHS Senior Girls Section win at NSU Civil Fest

Congratulations to Rusafa Rahman and Nashra Zaman for taking the third position at NSU Civil Fest project competition!

The annual two-day festival titled “Civil Fest 2017” was organized by the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of North South University (NSU). The spectacular event ended Tuesday, February 7th with an amazing concert.

The primary focus of the festival was to establish a bridge between the experts and the emerging engineers, paving way for the future development of Bangladesh.

The unexpected problems faced by the Dhaka dwellers due to the lack of proper planning were addressed during the discussion session.

To address such an issue Rusafa and Nashra came up with an ingenious solution to renewable energy. Their project was named 'Powering street light with piezoelectric discs'. The concept was that if these pressure sensitive discs were placed under the street, the kinetic energy from people walking or cars moving to convert to free electric energy. This free and CO2 free power can then be used to power street lights.

Obaidul Quader, minister of the Ministry of Road of Transport and Bridges was present at the closing ceremony as the chief guest and thanked the NSU’s respective management, students, young engineers and officials for organizing a pleasant and colorful event on an important issue.

Azim Uddin Ahmed, chairman of Board of Trustees (BOT) at NSU, was present as the guest of honour. Members of the Board of Trustees Benajir Ahmed, MA Kashem, MA Hashem, Rehana Rahman, Yasmin Kamal and Treasurer of NSU Dr Gour Gobinda Goswami, were present as special guests at the program.

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