Science Fair 2014

The students of International Turkish Hope School got into diverse activities that develop students’ creative fields at the advent of Second Semester including the grand Interschool Bangla Olympiad. Then came the Science Fair on Saturday 29, March, right after the Monthly Exams were over.

A host of teachers along with a great number of students of Junior Section of Uttara and Gulshan Branch, all in royal blue T-shirts, under the supervision of Science Teachers stalled to display the very creative and unique innovations of our pupils on the whole 4th floor of Uttara Junior Branch.

Both students and Science Teacher worked relentlessly for months to organize and make a brilliant show of what they invented that would definitely contribute to the society at large. The fair covered a wide range of projects in a way that may be useful for one or the other.

Each project contained illustrations with models on and beside the display tables. The tiny scientists explained their novelty pretty well to the visitors very smartly with confidence. There were as many as eighty projects from Gulshan Junior Branch and more than sixty projects from Uttara Junior Branch.

A few projects had real significance in the Bangladeshi scenario, such as Rainwater Collection, Home Made Air conditioner, Producing Electricity, the Security Alarm, How to Produce Energy by Using Motor Generator, Collecting Dust, Robots, Fire Fighters etc. Making energy without using battery would be a useful innovation for a developing country like Bangladesh. The invention of simple security alarm is another very valuable discovery for a place which is at times under big security threat like any other part of 21 century.  Fire occurs here and there in a hot country like Bangladesh. Therefore being equipped and trained up in this regard would be appreciable.

The greenery of Bangladesh is now in a threatening state. So something is immediately to be done, not only to reserve our forest, also to go for a wide planting. There were a few projects done by the small boys and girls of just class 1, class 2 and class 3 about the overall agriculture of Bangladesh.  Making people aware of it is a big deal. The other recommendable projects done by the students of class 1 and 2 were the Water Wheel, Blobs in Bottle, Color Symphony, Medicinal Plants in Bangladesh, Clean Pennies with Vinegar, Stop Plastic Pollution, Capture of Time, Can Crasher, Magic Box, Balloon Fountain, Vitamins etc.

The students of class 4 and class 5made very many rich projects with useful usage. Pipe gun, Fog Tornado, Producing Electricity, Electric Train, Kaleidoscope, Tea Mixer, Electroscope, How Plants Absorb Water, the Air Zoka, Bernoulli Ball, Water Trick, Brush in Rush etc are mentionable.

When students were asked regarding their inventions they were smart and resourceful to answer to the questions. That was a very impressive part. The Science Teachers spoke highly of the participants.  After a brief session with the Science Teachers, it was once again realized that in the modern technology depended world of 21st century no one can deny the gift of scientific advancement. They come in a blissful manner making our life more comfortable and easier. The School Management is satisfied with what was being done at the fair and thanked the Science Teachers and all involved.  The School is now even more committed to arranging events like this in the future.

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