'Parents Fun Show' continues for Preschool Parents

Winter is in the air and it’s time for festivities! International Turkish Hope School has arranged a fun show for playgroup and toddler parents on 4th December at the school premises. Most of the parents attended the program with their family. They have spent an evening merely by participating in various games and by getting to know others. There was a buffet dinner arranged on the rooftop with mouthwatering dishes. Children also enjoyed the day along with then parents and teachers. All in all it was a successful day indeed!

Moreover, on 6th of December ITHS had arranged “Parent’s Fun Show” for Nursery Parents in the school premises. It was really a wonderful evening with the presence of all the parents and children. They had participated in many enthusiastic games and had lots of fun. At the end of the program there was buffet dinner on the rooftop.

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