Parents Table Tennis Tournament

A day after the mini golf tournament on Friday, International Turkish Hope School organized another sport activity to bring the parents of the students together on February 8, 2014.

Parents of different branches of ITHS competed against each other at table tennis tournament arranged by the school teachers. Parents eagerly took part in the competition. Both the teachers and parents were quite delighted with the overall conduction of the event.What ITHS is trying to do with these organizations is to form a tight bound between the parents and teachers for the students’ success. The school will keep holding such kind of events to bring the parents together during the year.

The tournament began at 10:00am and lasted approximately 4 hours.A good number of parents participated enthusiastically in the tournament while the spouses and the children of them were there as spectator. There were short tea and coffee breaks at the end of each tour. The principal of the institution, BedrettinSuata, presented the cup to the winners at the end of the event and a certificate was given to each participant.

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