Parents Mini Golf Tournament

After the football tournament, Turkish Hope School organized a mini golf tournament on February 7, 2014 for the parents of the students. The event was held at the school’s sports centre.

As part of the school's yearly sports activities, inter parents mini golf  tournament was organized by the teachers of the school. School authority believes that thesekinds of activities provide an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between parents and teachers and conveys the message to the children that a school is not merely an institution to take bookish lessons but also a place where they learn invaluable social bonding and get practical lessons of brotherhood.

The tournament began at 9:00am and lasted approximately 4 hours.

A good number of parents participated enthusiastically in the tournament while the spouses and the children of them were there as spectator. There were short tea and coffee breaks at the end of each tour.The principal of the institution, BedrettinSuata, presented the cup to the winners at the end of the event and a certificatewas given to each participant.

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